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(22 Likes) What should I do? I found out my boyfriend was looking at flashlights, pocket cunts and sex dolls. He ordered pocket pussy and recently confessed due to a recent argument. He’s been hiding these calls for months

He could tell you what he’s buying for your relationship, maybe even get your opinions on what looks best, you might even have bought it for a hello. blow up pipedream travel size judy love doll As a gift. Like every human being, he should be allowed to have fun on his own with his favorite toys. But it’s not something you can fix by taking

(76 Likes) Why isn’t sex with sex dolls classified as necrophilic?

because a doll cannot be dead or a human being by definition, since it has never lived.

(61 Likes) Why didn’t Japan ban child porn anime?

While I personally find the demand for such materials surprising, there is no doubt that some demand exists. And where there is demand there is usually supply. Eliminating supply does not eliminate demand. In fact, whatever the supply is, it greatly increases its value, thus stimulating supply even more – often to the point where breaking the law is worth the risk. If demand was met with drawings, this would mean that no real child would need to be abused on the supply side, or at least a potential reduction. If someone gives up indulging in anime porn, there’s no harm in the end result. I disagree with the idea that this automatically leads to searching for harder stuff, in my experience people’s fetishes don’t escalate (but that’s just my opinion and observation). On the other hand, if someone is a pedophile and there is no other way to satisfy that desire, then they can explode and harm a real child. Recently in the UK a man was jailed for importing a silicone doll sex toy (made entirely legally in Japan) that looks like a child. While its fetish can degrade many people, what bothers me even more is the idea that having a lifeless piece of silicone shaped in a certain way will put you in jail. What it’s telling me is that we have absolutely no idea how to counter the rise in pedophilia (if it is) and the knee-jerk reaction to ‘burn the witch’ or thoughtlessly jail people is just plain stupid. Masturbation never hurt anyone, even if we don’t like the material used. Doing real child porn is absolutely harmful and we have laws that rightly prohibit it. But to make drawing or silica

(97 Likes) How do you know if a Cabbage Patch doll is real?

t for this. There are basics for any collection; “what about it? “; “Is it in the original Realistic Sex Doll game?; “Is there a high demand for this? “;”, can you connect to someone who will pay you for it?”.

(97 Likes) Why do Kpop stans hate Korean?

br> Joe Stan has favorites and prejudices. For whatever reason, he appreciates the voice and aesthetics of a particular identity. blow up pipedream travel size judy love doll ls or the generic type. K-pop may have indirectly introduced him to dishes or unconventional traditions he’s never tried, and he enjoys these as a mind-expanding experience. Likewise, Joe Culture appreciates the intricacies of the Korean language and social structure and works hard to learn them properly. The fact that she enjoys meeting and befriending real live Korean people is an extension of that appreciation and her experience is mind-expanding as well. When Becky Koreaboo meets a real Korean, this Best Sex Dolls erson is an item in her Korean collection. A Korean boyfriend is a pulsating inflatable BTS doll. He will memorize a few sentences in Romanized Korean without bothering to learn Hangul and use it inappropriately, boasting that he speaks Korean. It makes no effort to understand the culture and etiquette. His mind is set on living in Korea and being an idol; Or he’ll come to the airport without pants and try to win an idol over his heart. Obsessive fans portray Joe Stan as the stereotypical sci-fi nerd who doesn’t have a job and makes his mother pay for Comic-Con tickets. It invalidates Joe Culture’s sincere attempts.